Lassen Peak and Chaos Crags

Lassen, NP in early autumn

I’ve explored Lassen, NP mostly in the summer, but this year my Dad and I went for a long weekend towards the end of September. Not only were there less people at the park, but some of the fauna were noticeably absent. The ones that didn’t migrate to south or lower elevations were frantically trying to get ready for the coming winter. I brought along my Kayak and that enabled me to get close to some of the wildlife, as well as new perspectives of the lake and mountains.  I loved the changing colors of the trees and surrounding foliage. A lonely but special time in Lassen.


Olympic NP

It had been many years since I visited this National Park in the northwest, I was just a little child then. I did remember the overwhelming green, and the ancient feel of the rainforest. Viewing the Park through adult eyes allowed me to see and capture some of this Park’s beauty that escaped my notice before.


Ocean air seasoned with salt and the sound of relentless waves. The sea calls to my restless spirit and inspires me with it’s rugged beauty.

Lassen NP


Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of my favorite places in the world. It is a beautiful mountain park that isn’t crowded at all and is a well-kept secret. Best of all? It’s only about two hours away. This collection is from several recent trips to Lassen.