Olympic NP

It had been many years since I visited this National Park in the northwest, I was just a little child then. I did remember the overwhelming green, and the ancient feel of the rainforest. Viewing the Park through adult eyes allowed me to see and capture some of this Park’s beauty that escaped my notice before.


Autumn…in Spring

Okay, so I have these Autumn photos that I’ve taken over the years, and instead of waiting until Autumn, I’ve decided to post them now. So if you’re feeling the heat of Summer bearing down on you, enjoy these photos that remind you of crisp days filled with cups of warm cider.


Daffodil Hill

My mom and I took a wonderful drive last year through the country to reach Daffodil Hill. It’s a ranch that has thousands of daffodils of every imaginable variety. From small tête-à-tête daffodils with their small yellow faces to large ruffled white Ice Follies, daffodils coat the hillside. All this beauty is free, they only ask that you leave a donation if you wish to say thank you for the beautiful display. A wonderful way to invite in spring.