Chasing Moments

I’m feeling optimistic as I sit here, alternating between working on wedding photos and looking at other people’s photography blogs to be motivated. I find it amazing sometimes that the avid learner in me (notice I said “learner” not “student”) always has this drive to learn something new. I find that the more I read about, look at, or watch something it really inspires me to go out and do the same.

I now follow several photography blogs and website and after looking at them I am quite eager to either go out and take some pictures or work in Lightroom to apply the technique to my existing photos. Something that has struck me lately is the concept of “photographing the moment.” I found this amazing concept ( ) on Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s website.  In a way is an old and new concept to me. I think that I have always enjoyed looking for something special within a scene to showcase in a photograph. I truly enjoy and have sometimes (trying to remain modest here) had great success achieving this with my macro photography. I was however, unable to take that idea and use it within the context of a grander landscape photo. I always thought that a great or exotic place made a great landscape photo.

This article reminded me that I needed to take the macro philosophy and apply it to the larger scale as well. I found it quite humbling and also extremely exhilarating to know that it doesn’t necessarily take an expensive camera (which I already knew) or even a novel and exotic local (which I didn’t understand) to create a great photo. Just lots of patience and a different mindset. I have often struggled with how to create a photo that is AMAZING rather than just capturing a picture that has been captured in the same way a thousand times over and is rather ho-hum. It all comes down to a. knowing how to use available light to your advantage and b. waiting for the right moment. I often would look at a photo and say “Wow! How did they do that? It’s truly breath-taking. I wish I could take a photo like that.” The thing is, I CAN take a photo like that. I do need to learn how to be a better photographer and use composition better but this is so much more than that. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy local, I can CREATE that amazing photograph that stands out by just seeking the right moment to convey. The grand vistas we’ve seen many times, might just need to wait for that storm cloud to thicken, the sun to set, or the mist to rise. From now on I’m going to try to chase the moment. Better put on my running shoes.


3 thoughts on “Chasing Moments

  1. Point well taken! I have a “style” to my photography, but as I read this, it makes me think perhaps my “style” is just a cop-out. 🙂 I tend to zero in, isolate a subject with shallow DOF and call it a day. I don’t live in a particularly inspiring place geographically so I have a hard time trying to achieve great images of the areas surrounding me. I’ve often thought just as you…it needs to be somewhere exotic and beautiful. But isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? I’m sure there’s a lot around me that I’m just not seeing. Not sure if I should putting my running shoes on or slow down and wait.

  2. I do mostly nature photography but I’m fairly haphazard! There is much to learn. I see pictures everywhere I go, it is the technical aspect that I struggle with. I am liking your blog… maybe I can learn a thing or two!

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